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Our in-house sandblasting and powder-coating services provide long-lasting,

durable and beautiful finishes, extending the life of your metal products.

Welding specialist
Sand blasting process, Industial worker using sand blasting process preparation cleaning s


We offer in-house welding fabrication and repairs in conjuntion with our blasting and powder coating services.

If you're interested in custom fabrication of metal products, we can do that too. We specialize in taking our customers design and specifications and building quality and lasting products with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Dry Abrasive Blasting

All products are blasted using a fine grain media propelled through a high-pressure tool, removing old coatings, rust and corrosion and resulting in a clean surface upon which to apply the new coating.


Surfaces can then be sprayed with an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor for even longer lasting protection.

Our east location in Strasburg allows for sandblasting without size limits. If you can trasport your item to us, we can blast it.

Powder Coating

Powder coating provides an economical, durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly coating on metal products. We only use industry-leading products with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from manufacturers with trusted reputations. Powder coating is available in a wide variety of colors, sheens and durability to suit your specific needs, including textured finishes and clear coating. 

Our generously sized 8' x 8' x 21' oven enables us to powder large items including long lengths of railing and staircases.


Powder coating is available in many standard and premium colors and finishes. Click below to view the color cards of industry-leading supplier of color, Cardinal Paint & Powder.

Aluminum profile section with color samples. Powder coating services.jpg
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